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In order to be successful in this day and age, it is critical to react quickly to ever changing market demands. As a result, today’s manufacturers and suppliers need equipment that produces the highest quality products rapidly and allows for creative production planning solutions as well. Equipment from MiiC combines flexibility, speed, and above all else quality all in one machine. Ensure that your production facility is ready for the future. Start utilizing our wide range of production solutions for your company today.


MiiC offers some of the most high tech, advanced bending solutions available in the industry today. Our exciting and proven line of robotic benders are fast and highly flexible with automatic load / unload capability built right in. We incorporate state of the art robotics that will keep your company one step ahead in technology when using our equipment. Click on the product links in the sidebar to find the solution to your tube forming and bending needs. Discover success through innovation with MiiC.


Incorporating our cutting edge, patented robotic technology our benders are unparalleled in their precision. Mimicking the flexibility of a human hand, the MiiC robotic bending systems have the capability to bend tubes for any situation. We provide unmatched bending accuracy and speed. Whether a robotic or standard CNC tube bender fits your company's needs you can count on sustained accuracy and efficiency from our product line that is second to none. We are in the business of precision.