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DDV Servo Pump - Introduction

For more than 30 years, OPTON has successfully designed and manufactured a wide range of numerically controlled tube bending systems. These sophisticated bending solutions are known throughout the world for their quality and precision. In an effort to continuously improve machine efficiency for their customers, OPTON recently targeted the shortcomings associated with traditional hydraulic servo valves. When used to power larger capacity bending machines specifically, the inefficiency of these valves cause increased heat levels, higher noise emissions and decreased bending accuracy. To overcome these problems, OPTON incorporated new engineering principles to design and develop a revolutionary NC hydraulic power source. Using volume-control technique as a core design principle, OPTON combined the latest AC servo motors with bi-directional rotary hydraulic pumps. Known as a DDV (Direct Drive Volume Control) Hydraulic Servo Pump, the hydraulic volume can be directly controlled numerically by servo motors. DDV pumps can achieve high-output by a relatively smaller unit and stable, accurate and easy AC servo motor controls. DDV pumps also simplify conventional hydraulic systems by eliminating the need for directional valves, volume valves and pressure valves. This environmentally-friendly product solution enhances performance capabilities while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

MiiC DDV Servo Pump
Successfully integrated into OPTON’s larger hydraulic NC benders, the newly developed DDV Hydraulic Servo Pump offers many distinct advantages. The system’s fluid directly controls the turning of a non-leaking piston pump, the unit is compact in size, and it has a simplified distribution system that does not use a throttle mechanism or magnetic valves.

The beauty of this cutting edge technology is the wide variety of applications outside the bending industry. A DDV Servo Pump can also be used in: Hydroforming, Mold presses, Extrusion presses, Rotary presses, Press brakes, Die-cast machines and welding transfer lines.

This exciting solution has already earned a positive reputation among a variety of industrial customers. To learn more about how a DDV Hydraulic Servo Pump can help improve your equipment’s efficiency, please contact our sales department today.