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Three Dimensional (3D) Measurement

Recent wide spread use of three-dimensional CAD software has introduced a need for new measurement techniques that can measure curves and free-form surfaces. Unlike conventional coordinate measurement machines (CMM) which measure one point at a time by touching the surface, the next generation of measurement techniques can measure millions of points in seconds without contacting the surface. After 15 years of R&D, OPTON introduces a white-light based industrial turn-key solution—Surftizer (Surface Digitizer) series and Cloudforma series—for non-contact 3D coordinate measurement applications in both reverse engineering and inspection.

MiiC 3D Measurements  

OPTON 3D systems have the following common features:
    • White-light based technique
    • Non-contact measurement
    • Patch-wise measurement
    • Certified accuracy

In addition to the above features, the Surftizer series can also deliver:
    • Automatic measurement
    • Unattended playback measurement
    • No markers on object
    • No patch-merging needed

Please check the available machine/sensor models for more technical information. For your reference some measurement examples are also posted. In addition to our 3D machines and sensors, we also provide non-contact 3D measurement service for various applications at our Michigan location by using state-of-the-art 3D non-contact hardware and software. Please contact us for a quote on measurement service.