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Bending Software

1. Bending Simulation Software

MiiC Bending SoftwareBending simulation software with its graphic display is used to simulate real bending on MiiC CNC bending machines. It’s a powerful tool to virtually check potential bending interferences, production cycle time and tooling, etc. In case there is interference, by using this software one can try different methods to adjust the bending programs to eliminate the interference and shorten the cycle time. It is definitely a needed tool for pipe bending production.

2. Bend Master Software

MiiC Bending SoftwareBend Master software for MiiC CNC bending machines is a utility software for editing bending programs, adding compensation data, reversing bending order, changing machine parameters, and managing bending programs, etc. Anything one wants to do with a bending program can be done with this software installed on any PC. By doing it this way, no precious production time needs to be taken away for setting up and fine-tuning a bending program.