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With OPTON hydraulic-driven and PLC-controlled pipe end-forming machines, beading, expanding, flaring, and swaging of pipe ends can be automatically formed with single clamping and multi punching.

Feature Highlights
• Top quality pipe end-formers based on high quality mechanical structure and mold making expertise obtained over 30 years.
• Un-fastening a single bolt can change both punch and clamp.
• User-friendly control panel and various inter-locks between manual and auto modes ensure operation safety.

MiiC Endformer Large Image 1Endformer Picture 1

MiiC Endformer Small Image 1Endformer Sample Picture 1

MiiC Endformer Large Image 2Endformer Picture 2

MiiC Endformer Small Image 2Endformer Sample Picture 2

MiiC Endformer Large Image 3Endformer Picture 3

MiiC Endformer Small Image 1Endformer Sample Picture 3