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Hydro-forming Machine

MiiC Hydroformer Image 1Unlike conventional hydroforming technology, MiiC America’s hydroforming machines use a “hammering” function to create desired shapes. Using oscillating water pressure, this exceptional technology will allow your facility to realize extraordinary benefits in both shape and cycle time.

Incorporating state of the art technology, MiiC’s hydroformers enable production that is both economical and environmentally friendly. Because these machines are equipped with our patented DDV-servo pumps, efficiency levels are high (90%) while noise emission is low. Because our process uses synchronized water pressure on both the inside and outside of the tube being shaped, your finished product will not only be precise but it will have a uniform wall thickness as well.

Advantages of MiiC Hydroforming:
• Exceptional forming ability through synchronized internal and external water pressure
• Extreme precision with short cycle times
• Energy efficient
• Low noise emission
• Hammering function (oscillating water pressure)
• Simple setup with simulation software and data transfer
• Real-time monitoring display
• Water pressure: 1000/2000/3000 kgf/cm2

MiiC Hydroformer