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Other Machines

MiiC Switch BenderMinimization of bending collisions is at the top of many operators’ wish list. Complicated bending shapes require an expanded array of bending possibilities. The lightning-fast MiiC switch-benders are a combination of right and left handed bending machines. With the same precision of all other MiiC benders, these machines can complete Right and left-handed bending on the same tube. These benders are equipped with an exceptionally sturdy bend head. Changing bending direction does not require time-intensive tooling changes.

MiiC Multi-BenderIn contrast to conventional bending machines, our multi-bender can bend tubing with non-circular cross-section. With up to seven 7 CNC-controlled axes, this machine provides you with a nearly limitless amount of bending possibilities. The basic principle behind the multi-bender is the sliding bending mechanism with which a work piece slides through a die. Through the different movements of the die, the angles of the desired radii are achieved.  

MiiC Pipe-Cutter

OPTON pipe cutter GC-20 is a non-oil CNC pipe cutter characterized by high quality, high performance and low cost.

Features include:

(1) Pipes tensioned from both ends are cut by a disk blade. As a result, cutting burrs are reduced, and no coolant or after-cut washing is needed
(2) Cutting data can be easily input and managed
(3) Tool change takes no time and disk blades can be reused after sharpening.