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Robotic Bender T-WIN 10

Robotic Bender T-WIN 10 MiiCThe T-WIN10 processing speed is 250% faster and 3/5th installation space smaller compared to the MC-10. When equipped with new spindle system, the Lee Spindle Chuck option allows for 360 degrees rotation making the bend cycle faster.

Feature Highlights: 
• Rotary draw bending where tubing is neither advanced or rotated
• Up to 50% faster than conventional CNC benders
• max. OD: 16.0 mm (steel) and 19.05 mm (aluminum)
• max. tube length: any length as long as the tube can support itself horizontally
• no. of bending radii: 3 (standard) and 4 (optional)

T-WIN10 Specification Highlights
ModelValuesT-WIN 10T-WIN 20T-WIN 25
Maximum pipe diameterWithout SUS / coreφ10 × t1.0φ12 × t1.0φ25.4 × t1.5
Maximum pipe diameterWithout STKM / coreφ12 × t1.2φ16 × t1.0φ31.8 × t1.6
Maximum pipe diameterWithout AL · CU / coreφ14 × t1.0φ19 × t1.0φ35 × t2.0
Standard pipe effective length 
(500mm unit increase or decrease available)
Maximum bending radiusmmFiftyFiftySeventy