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Robotic Bender T-WIN 20

Robotic Bender T-WIN 20 MiiCWith an ability to bend steel tubing for up to 15.88 mm OD, this machine is the most flexible one in our robotic bending line because of its fully rotational base axis. As a result, post-bend capabilities are nearly unlimited. Because the robot can bend around potential interference points, this machine can easily bend pre-processed tubing with fittings, valves and hose assemblies. The cycle time can be further reduced by executing the last bend during the unloading process.

Feature Highlights:
• Rotary draw bending where tubing is neither advanced or rotated
• Up to 50% faster than conventional CNC benders
• max. OD: 16.0 mm (steel) and 19.05 mm (aluminum)
• max. tube length: any length as long as the tube can support itself horizontally
• no. of bending radii: 3 (standard) and 4 (optional)

T-WIN20 Specification Highlights

ModelValuesT-WIN 10T-WIN 20T-WIN 25
Maximum pipe diameterWithout SUS / coreφ10 × t1.0φ12 × t1.0φ25.4 × t1.5
Maximum pipe diameterWithout STKM / coreφ12 × t1.2φ16 × t1.0φ31.8 × t1.6
Maximum pipe diameterWithout AL · CU / coreφ14 × t1.0φ19 × t1.0φ35 × t2.0
Standard pipe effective length 
(500mm unit increase or decrease available)
Maximum bending radiusmmFiftyFiftySeventy