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Robotic Bender G-WIN 80 

With a DDV-powered heavy duty bending head mounted on machine frame, this machine is the ultimate large robot bending machine where the robot carries out loading, feeding, rotating, and unloading. An adjustable mandrel retractor can also be integrated with this machine. Hydraulic oil coolant is unnecessary and the electricity consumption is about 1/3rd of what a conventional bending machine.

Feature Highlights:
• max. OD: up to 80 mm (steel)
• max. tube length: 1500 mm
• no. of bending radii: 3 (standard) and 5 (optional)

G-WIN 80

G-WIN 80 Specification Highlights

G-WIN 80
Max. tube OD × thickness (mm)Ø80.0 × 2.0 (steel)
Max. tube length (mm)1500
No. of bending radii3 (standard), 5 (optional)
Max. bending radii difference170 – tube OD
Machine RepeatabilityDBB: ±0.1 mm, POB: ±0.1 deg, DOB: ±0.1 deg
Power Consumption18.7 KWH
Machine Dimension (mm)3500 × 2200 × 1900 (L×W×H)