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Robotic Bender SRMIII-15

SRMIII-15 MiiC Robotic BenderThe SRMIII offers the benefits of automated robotic bending for short and medium length tubing. With its compact footprint, this is the only robotic system from MiiC to offer a carriage that feeds the tube throughout the bending process. Because the robot can bend around potential interference points, this system can easily bend pre-processed tubing with fittings, valves and hose assemblies. The cycle time can be further reduced by executing the last bend during the unloading process.

Feature Highlights:
• Up to 50% faster than conventional CNC benders
• Rotary draw bend head to improve bend characteristics
• Max. OD: 12.7 mm (steel) and 15.88 mm (aluminum)
• Max. tube length: 2,300 mm
• No. of bending radii: three

SRMIII Specification Highlights

Max. tube OD × thickness (mm)Ø15.88 × 1.2 (aluminum), Ø12.7 × 0.8 (steel)
Max. tube length (mm)2300
No. of bending radii3
Max. bending radii difference30 – tube OD
Machine RepeatabilityDBB: ±0.1 mm, POB: ±0.1 deg, DOB: ±0.1 deg
Power Consumption4.4 KWH
Machine Dimension (mm)3300 × 770 × 1250 (L×W×H)